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Leonardo Da Vinci Italy international group Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "the Da Vinci group") is a diversified development of group company. In 2000 the Italy international foundation authorized by leonardo Da Vinci was established in Hong Kong asia-pacific representative office, 2005 upgraded to leonardo Da Vinci asia-pacific headquarters that Italian leonardo Da Vinci international group Co., LTD. Leonardo Da Vinci group main business the asia-pacific region of the market, DuoNian business since the Chinese government, leonardo Da Vinci group and the Hong Kong SAR government and the business community in established good working relationship, the group had been involved in mainland China, Hong Kong and other areas of the industry, import and export trade, IT, real estate, and other aspects of the investment. The main business "Da Vinci DAVINCI" brand series products, "Da Vinci DAVINCI" brand trademark in China and Hong Kong 38 kinds products and service DuoZhong 500
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